Bruno Koegler

Entrepreneur / Technopreneur / Hacker / Geek :-) ~ Strong Passion for Electronics and Computing, living mainly in Taiwan, but from and often in France/Germany.

Founder/Owner: Koegler Electronics Co., Ltd. Xizhe, New Taipei City, Taiwan RoC

High end Tablet PC and PC TV, 15" to 20", Full HD+ 1920x1200, multi OS.
All in One Panel PC, PC-TV, LCD Mediaplayer, LCD Thin Client, LCD Screens,
Portable, easy Pivot in Portrait Mode, 15 to 32", Customised or not.
Mini PC, mini PC-TV, Set Top Boxes, Mediaplayer, Digital Signage, IPTV.
OEM / ODM / Asia IPO Supply Chain and Technology Consulting Services.