⭐️hi my name is sullivan! i am a questioning???? femme transmale who goes by he/they pronouns!! im 14 and my birthday is March 31st (aries)!! im also currently living in florida!! 🌴

⭐️i listen to a variety of music, but i mostly settle down to tokimonsta, giraffage, porter robinson, toro y moi, beartooth, and basement! i am always open to different music tastes (except country Shit)

⭐️im currently looking for tag buddies !!! we can tag each other in cute things like dogs n stuff aaa dm if interested nicEe

⭐️short tempers and shitposting are my speciality and that is usually expressed through my vent, @kotorikitty . beware of anime tiddy, gore, and really personal stuff!!

⭐️i have an art acc, @crypup . be sure to follow for some gay pup art. if u wanna hmu, kik me @ sweatydogs . i have a snapchat too but i rarely use it haha its also @ sweatydogs bc who doesnt love sweaty dogs!!!

⭐️KINS!! please do NOT follow me if you won't respect my kins/will not tag me when asked!!

•kotori minami (love live!),,,

•kogitsunemaru (touken ranbu),,

•tsumugi kotobugi (k-on!),,

•mako mankanshoku (kill la kill) !!!

•yuno gasai (future diary)

•ALSO dogs and deer!!!

⭐️please!! before following, dm me a little abt youself (pronouns, names, nicknames) !! id like for us to be friends !!