hi i am ellie. im 13 (almost 14) and im pan. my pronouns are she/they.

i am kinda sensitive so if i get upset over nothing im sorry. im also an asshole. sometimes i say things that are rude and im sorry if i ever offend u just tell me if i do. i have anxiety and depression. i also have ptsd.

i live in pa so if ur near me feel free to hmu.

i have no kins currently but if i had to relate to something i guess it would be snakes and koi fish.. i also rly like snow leopards..

i post a lot about myself sometimes bc i love/hate myself. i always posts pics of myself bc i want ppl to look at me. i also post about ppl i dislike so if u don't like that im sry. i try not to be super negative tho.

ok that is all thank u for reading! also dm if u wanna follow unless i follow u first ;3c