Koji Fusa

Koji Fusa is an international mergers and acquisition professional with particular expertise regarding the emerging economy of Myanmar.

Myanmar is a nation in South East Asia whose newly developing economy is quickly becoming an exciting prospect for investors across Europe and North America. Business leaders from Europe and the US are beginning to look and visit increasingly to the advice of professionals like Koji Fusa.

It was due to years under the cosh of a military junta that Myanmar had previously never competed in international markets. This stagnation was both due to the government’s introversion and mistrust of outsiders as well as the countries general lack of productivity under the authoritarian regime. Today democracy is liberating the country thanks to the tireless efforts democrats like Auung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein. Myanmar has been a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations and the nation’s economy is beginning to grow again.

Koji Fusa understands that Myanmar still has a long way to go before its potential can be fully realised. Koji Fusa has pointed to the major influences of neighbouring China and Thailand as well as the countries own infrastructure problems.

Experts like Koji Fusa see outside investment as an essential next step to the development of Myanmar. Developing nations like Myanmar are perfect opportunities for growth. Myanmar is home to many organisations ready to expand and so injections of investment from established nations could provide profits for everyone.

Koji Fusa has spent most of his early career working in the main streams. He has switched to emerging markets to the frontier market like Myanmar before other main stream investors look into the country. Thanks to this extensive experience and hunch to invest his time early in the country, Koji Fusa has become a renowned commentator on the economy of Myanmar. Koji Fusa has been asked to contribute a series of articles to the Asian finance newspaper the Nikkei Asian Review, Koji Fusa is also due to discuss his point of view at the upcoming Myanmar Investment Summit over the 14th and 15th of May.

Working for Collarbium Capital, Koji Fusa will continue working hard to promote opportunities within Myanmar and continue his own reputation as a pioneering PE investor in Myanmar.