Kojii Helnwein

Actor, Model, and Motojournalist in Dublin, Ireland

Hello, I’m Kojii. 👋🏻

I’m an actress living in Tipperary, Ireland. I was born and raised in Tallaght, Dublin. 🇮🇪

My Agent, Annette Walsh at CASTANNETTENOW takes care of my Irish work and Jami at Wrenn Management handles everything out of LA.

I am obsessed with aesthetics, I live for acting and riding my Royal Enfield motorcycle is my guilty pleasure. I learned how to ride a motorcycle and 6 weeks later hit the road on a 2400km trip up the Irish West Coast to explore the Wild Atlantic Way where I learned that bends are fun, I sleep better in a tent, off-roading is addictive and I'm a fan of moving forward.

I am the Founder of Motowitch Collective, home of the MOTOWITCH CHRONICLES Podcast and MOTOWITCH MAG the blog. I interview female bikers from around the world about their motolives, their achievements, obstacles they’ve overcome and basically celebrate all things “motorcycle” from a female perspective. I’m currently hashing plans for “Motowitch TV” and “Motowitch Threads”.

When I’m not working on Motowitch or emersed in an acting gig, I can be found cooking dinner with a ukelele in my hand and my electric guitar can be found cranked up to 11. If you say something that I heard in a song once, I guarantee I'm singing that tune in my head for the rest of our conversation.

I am a professional mutli-tasker.

My photography series "Ophelia" was recently exhibited in Tipperary and published in Kai'outi Magazine in the USA.

If you need an Actress, a Singer/Songwriter, a Spokesperson, a Presenter, a Model, or a chick to ride, talk or write about motorcycles...you can hire me with a click on the button above.👆🏻

You can also check out my many social media profiles below👇🏻 or some articles the press have penned about my work HERE

Or if you fancy delving into the journey of my career and capabilities feel free to peruse MY WEBSITE.👈🏻

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