Kojo Svedstrup Jantuah

London, England, United Kingdom

Book - ODYSSEY TO ELSINORE: Reconciliation with the Past in Order to Move Forward.

In this extraordinary true story, Kojo Svedstrup Jantuah recounts his epic quest for identity and reconciliation with the past, following a hunch concerning his Scandinavian ancestors through six generations. The serendipitous journey leads him across continents and through the unforgiving central Sahara Desert on barefoot, and from Ghana to discover in Denmark that our real identity equals oneness. This memoir stands with Alex Haley's Roots, Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist, and Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha.


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  • Work
    • Diplomat
  • Education
    • LL B (Hons) Law - Leicester De Montfort University School of Law. UK.
    • New York State Bar Review Course. Bar-Bri .
    • MA in Diplomatic Studies - The Diplomatic Academy of London.
    • Goodenough College - 1999-2003
    • Diploma in Coaching - UK Coaching Academy.