Graphic Designer in Michigan


Graphic Designer in Michigan

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• My names Rachel

• I'm a 25 year old Graphic Designer in Michigan

• I'm married to a guy I refer often to as D

• I like anime and manga. I read way more than I watch things though

• I love mobage and am currently obsessed with Deresute

• I retweet mainly but I also complain a lot. I like showing people art that I enjoy and nothing really phases me anymore so my twitters very nsfw

• I suffer from major depression and have an anxiety disorder so sometimes I get suicidal and talk about it so don't follow if that bothers you

• I really want new friends but I'm so socially akward it's really hard for me to talk to people. .

• I collect figures and I love collecting various cute things like Rilakkuma

MAL : kokoauyu | MFC : raychur

LINE : kokoauyu | KAKAOTALK : raychur