having fun in Canada

Date me

🍉 im gomi but you can call me.. anytime☆

🍉 ♡i love kokomi♡ (7/11/15)

🍉 my qpp is kiru. ill protect her with my life...

🍉 i like mob psycho 100 and bghs

🍉 i do bghs translations casually on ig under the tag #bghstranslation and "professionally" on tumblr. my tl blog is linked below. feel free to ask me for translation requests of any sort (yes, that includes your embarrassing yaoi doujinshi) 日本語はいつでもOK!

i have a bad habit of not responding to people right away (or ever). im not always feeling my best so if you dm/tag me in something and i dont respond please PLEASE do not feel too shy to just message me again saying something like "helloooo? gomi are you there?" or to tag me repeatedly in a post you wanted me to see. i just need a bit of a push sometimes, i promise i wont be annoyed. please be patient with me!

dm me how you found me and why you wanna follow to get accepted (maybe)

lets get along well~ (^ω^)