kola oj

Hi and thanks for coming to my blog! My name is Kola Oj and I made this blog because I decided to go on a journey to learn how to trade Forex. Now I know what you are thinking here comes another cliche wanna be trader but I just thought life is too short and why not!I come from a pretty average background I wouldn't describe anybody in my family as very rich. I have always had the belief that everybody should live life to the fullest. The way society has been built, it is pretty hard for anybody to achieve that. Most people live and average life and don't really get to go anywhere and get to experience the world as they should or at least as they would want to. I understand that the earning potential in Forex is pretty mind blowing and all I'm trying to do is get a little piece of that pie. I thought it would be a load of fun to document my journey so welcome to the Forex student.I will try to post regularly as I amquite a busy guy. I'm aiming to post at least once a week maybe twice if you're lucky haha but I promise not to leave it too long so that I can clearly show my progress.Oh I almost forgot if you want to contact me you can get at me at this email address: kola_oj@hotmail.co.uk feel free to ask me any questions about my journey or how I am finding it easily and get in some of my information from. Please share my blog with your friends, family, colleagues, spouses, kids you can even tell your cat! It would be really nice for other people to benefit from my journey. Thanks guys, happy blogging!