Kolby Pham

I think that the most important thing to remember is to imagine that everybody else's mouth is shut and speak for yourself.

My first memory of school was being in a room with a colorful carpet and the alphabet being written in big letters on the whiteboard(kindergarten).

I remember my friends back in Evergreen School District where we would walk along the grass field, just talking about life and going to each others' houses to play video games.

I never really bullied anyone until I was 10, and that was just letting my anger out once. It stopped after that. Being a bully was awful!!! Before and after that, I treated people with respect(at least the people I knew). I didn't pay attention to the people I didn't know. (I hope that other people can admit what I just did as well)

My caring parents, my annoyingly cute sister, and I are a family.

As "Words of Wisdom", my mom told me to never become an enginner because of the overwhelming stress. There were lots of other things that my parents told me, but those were more like yelling in my face rather than "Words of Wisdom".

As to describe my personality, I am smart, humorous, talkative, and not very sympathetic.

One thing to change about my personality would be to change my incessant need for gaming.

One thing I learned about life is to never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.

During middle school, I want to become a better programmer.

As for during and after highschool, I am uncertain. I'll save that for 8th grade.

To achieve this(the programming part), I will take part in outside-of-school courses and the programming club(if they have it this year).