Koly Kolgate

Kenneth Cyril Kuglin (born June 14th, 1987), better known by his stage name Koly Kolgate (also known as KOLGATE), is a musician from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the front man of the popular crunkcore band Trap House Rave! and is also known for two full length solo albums, "KOLGATE IS FAMOUS!" and "The End Is Where You Make It..." as well as one mixtape, "Awake and Dreaming". In March of 2012 Koly is set to release "Fuckin' Sweet!", his third full length album.


Formed first as as online cypher group, later turned into a 5 tracks and Kolys first studio project. The 'Midwest Menaces'. Although they weren't terribly popular, it did give Koly a start. From there he went on to become a successful solo artist and song writer for many unsigned and established national musicians.
In 2006 Koly released his debut E.P.Lightly Toasted Cracker. The album created a small buzz locally and created just enough momentum to successfully launch his first album Kolgate is Famous! in 2007. The record was hugely succesful locally and even more so nationally, thanks to the large fanbase Koly acquired online. At one point in early 2008 Koly was the number 1 independent artist in the United States according to myspace.com. He held the slot for a record setting 28 weeks, and would have maintained it longer had his account not been hacked and deleted by anonymous members of the image sharing forum known as 4chan.

This event was almost career ending for Koly. He was forced to start fresh, and after putting in so much work prior, he was admittedly "tired and frustrated" so the rebuild came very slowly. In late 2008 his music, and attitude took a much different turn after he was involved in what he calls, "a love story he will never write his way out of". His music became darker, and more personal. Released in November of 2008, his second album The End Is Where You Make It..., has sold over 6,000 copies to date via itunes and other digital distribution sites. In early 2009, Koly "began to smile again" and wanted "new music to reflect that". Having just released The End Is Where You Make It... he didn't want to start work on a new solo record, so he created a band to simply "just have fun".

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