Kolhapur Trading Corporation Corporation

Project Manager in India

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Supplier of : -

■ Plumbing Material: uPVC & PVC, HDEP, GI, cPVC Pipes & Fitting etc.

■ Paints: Industrial & Decorative type Asian, Berger make

■ Lubes: Hydraulic Oil, Cutting Oil, Brake Oil Various types of Grease etc.

■Safety Gear: Safety Belts, Jackets, Shoes, Goggles, Ear Plugs/ Mufflers, Masks, various type of

gloves, Safety Nets etc.

■Fasteners: Regular/ Hardened (TVS Unbrako) Nut Bolts, Anchor Fasteners, Foundation Bolts.

Allen Bolts, Roofing Bolts/ Screws etc.

■ PVC Ropes & many more miscellaneous items.

■ Electric Item: Wires, Cables, Switches, Halogen fitting & Tubes etc.

■Sanitary Items: Naphthalene Balls (Plain / Scented), Toilet Brushes, Acids, Phenyl & variety of

Wipers etc.

■ Stationery Items: Note Books, Pen & Pencils & Allied items of day to day use.

■ Packing Item: PET / PE Straps, Clips, BOPP Tape, Water Gummed Tape, Stretch Film, Hitlon Foam Sheet & Bubble Sheet etc.

■ Tools: General Purpose tools of TATA, TAPARIYA, Venus make

■ TATA AGRICO Agriculture Implements.

■ Welding Material: Rod, Cable, Holder, Gas Cutter Hose & Accessories.

■ Samruddhi Unbreakable Plastic Utensils