Nikolai "Kolyasisan" Ponomarev

Student, Unity Developer, and Programmer in Московская область, Россия

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I make low-quality videogames and shitposts. Currently working as a code monkey at Ice-Pick Lodge studios.

Passionate about gamedev.

Have great experience with Unity.

Games that I worked on:

Grand Dad Mania Revived - Lead developer and programmer, Rendering, Shaders

Butterflies Episode 1 - Rendering, Shaders, Programming, Optimizations

Pathologic 2 - Minor graphics help, Testing

SiIvaGunner (YT Channel): King For Another Day VS Screen Project - Programming, Rendering


Deadtubbies: The Last Mistake (yeah yeah, I know) - Rendering, Major Optimizations, Translation, Consult and Support

Sonic The Hedghehog: Great Value - Rendering

Rise of Crustaceans - Rendering, Additional programming, Shaders

TOUGE1995 - Rendering, Optimizations, Additional programming

A Step Into Darkness - Rendering, Shaders


Core Update Manager -

Core Time Manager -