Konrad Malik

Entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Konrad Malik is the founder of RapidMake 3D Printing, a Toronto-based company works that with large-scale manufacturers and also produces small 3D printers for home use.

Knowing he wanted to be an entrepreneur at an early age, after graduating from high school, where he concentrated on coursework in science, technology and math, Konrad Malik went directly into the business world.

A young entrepreneurs who stood out because of his trademark collection of sneakers and cool clothes, his ideas, creativity and drive attracted the notice of several venture capitalists, who helped him with the funding to get his business off the ground.

Konrad Malik guided his invention through several iterations and made the rounds of trade shows, where it attracted plenty of interest.

Marketing smaller 3D printers put this relatively new technology, which had been used mostly by large-scale manufacturers, into the hands of individuals and smaller companies.

Now, with an array of downloadable patterns available, the sky has become the limit in terms of what people can make with 3D printers. Now that the technology is in the hands of everyday people, Malik finds it interesting to see what kinds of maker projects and inventions they’re using it for.

RapidMake now works with a range of industries and businesses in the areas of architecture, construction, advertising, medicine and art.

A creative personality, Konrad Malik enjoys working alongside his designers and being part of the business building. What’s next for him? It’s a mystery for now: he believes in keeping his intellectual property a closely guarded secret -- until it’s ready for an official unveiling.

Konrad Malik’s leisure activities include hanging out with his family -- his wife Sofia and daughters Phoebe and Stephanie. Working for himself has also given him the time and means to travel and see the world.