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If there is anything I know, its hotels. Do you share my passion? I love being of help, making a person`s day, being efficient and professional.

Because I assume that you might not be a "hospitality-insider" I thought I might be able to help you plan your next trip so you will not make the same misstake I see so many of my guests make. Because helping is my passion, I would love to see your next holidays being a great success, so here we go:

First you need to understand that airlines and their pricing strategies have always been the role model of hotels. Every empty seat on an airplane equals lost profit, and so does every empty hotel room. Today, consumers know that the person sitting next to them on a plane will not have paid the same price for the same ticket but they will most probably not think that the hotel they are staying in that night will have worked with the same pricing strategy.

Hotel prices vary depending on when you book, how you book the room, with which company and what kind of service you buy (breakfast included?).

The first step one has to take when looking for a hotel room is making oneself aware of what one' s needs exactly are. An amazing five star hotel seems to be the "perfect hotel" at first sight. But luxury hotels may not be the best fit for all guests, and definitely not its prices.

When deciding on which hotel to stay in the location, as well as the service one requires, are the main criteria. In the end these two criteria are closely connected to the price the hotel will charge for their rooms per night.

"Consumers tend to use price as a cue of performance expectations"

People all over the world have learned that when booking a flight one can get a good deal when having an open mind and doing good research. The same applies to hotels. Great deals can save you a lot of money but being flexible and open to new ideas are required if you want to find your "perfect hotel room".

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