Nick Revenko

Chief Technology Officer, Software Engineer, and DevOps in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Nick Revenko

Nick Revenko, known by his username “koodeau” in various social media platforms, is a notable technology influencer and the CTO of Increasio. Nick Revenko co-founded Increasio with CEO Paul Revenko, establishing a digital company recognized for its technological innovation.

Early Life and Education

According to his LinkedIn profile, Nick studied cybersecurity at one of the leading universities in Ukraine. However, he decided to leave university due to a combination of personal beliefs, his potential for creating more opportunities, and the political situation involving Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


As the CTO of Increasio, Nick Revenko leads the company's technological vision and strategy, overseeing its technical dimensions. Details about the company can be found on its website.

One of Nick Revenko's major contributions to the technology sector is his creation of Metawrite, an open-source SvelteKit component library that also functions as an easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers using SvelteKit as their frontend framework and Appwrite for their backend. Metawrite was developed during the early stages of the Appwrite ecosystem, and its extensive documentation aids developers in building web applications and websites more efficiently. Links to the GitHub repository, the NPM page, a page on Increasio's website, and its appearance on popular sites help users access and understand this open-source tool.


Nick Revenko is a strong advocate for Svelte and SvelteKit, promoting these tools as superior solutions for building web applications and websites. His advocacy began with the release of the first beta versions of SvelteKit, a successor to the Sapper framework. Recently, he started financially supporting Svelte through Open Collective, where he also maintains a page documenting his contributions.

Personal Life

More information about Nick's personal life can be found on his personal website, which describes him as a public figure and provides more details about his professional endeavors.

Legacy and Impact

Nick's influence in the technology and software development industry is considerable. His work at Increasio, his contributions to the open-source community through Metawrite, and his active advocacy for Svelte and SvelteKit highlight his commitment to innovation and thought leadership in the tech industry. His presence on Twitter further exemplifies his dedication to engaging with the tech community and sharing knowledge.

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