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A unique experience for children, adults, and families alike, Kool Smiles has spent nearly eight years providing affordable dental care to low-income and underserved communities around the country. Pursuing an overall goal and vision to ensure lasting, healthy teeth in patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds, Kool Smiles exists to make the trip to the dental office an enjoyable visit. At Kool Smiles, children and adults receive the full range of dental services in a relaxed, comfortable environment and gain reassurance that their teeth and oral health rest in capable and caring hands.

The core values of Kool Smiles and its dental professionals can be described as quality, compassion, integrity, diversity, teamwork, and fun. Each Kool Smiles dental office maintains adherence to American Dental Association (ADA) and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) standards, continually strives for excellence and improvement in its services, endeavors to earn the admiration and recommendation of its patients, and promotes a strong, positive, and helpful image in the community.

When new or returning patients enter a Kool Smiles office, they enjoy a welcoming, friendly atmosphere designed to put children at ease and to reduce the anxiety often associated with dental appointments. For each routine cleaning or procedure performed at Kool Smiles, parents can accompany their children throughout the duration and will receive clear notification of any advanced or operative work that may be required. In order to accommodate patients of various backgrounds, Kool Smiles employs a comprehensive roster of multilingual dental professionals and patient services representatives available to assist adults and children with any necessary translations and clarifications.

All dentists at Kool Smiles possess advanced degrees in dentistry (D.D.S. or D.M.D.) and have completed comprehensive clinical training. Please visit koolsmilespc.com for more information on the services, staff, locations, and history of the Kool Smiles Organization.

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