Arturas Poe


Hello Everyone!

Its always Nice meeting new people and enjoying life that is why social networking was invented so lets use it to the fullest!

About Me: My name is Arturas Poe and i am currently 21 years old and i am a Avid Gamer , Snowboarder , Skateboarder , Mountain Biker and etc.

Born in not so big Country Lithuania life was not easy but i wouldn't say to hard either i learned to do everything in physical labour , construction and etc... from very young age. Most of my Life i have been Playing video games as much as i and my mother can remember i started around when i was 6 years old and been playing all trough to this day. Gaming being part of my life i always had other ambitions i wanted to do and one of them was leave my country and travel which i started as soon as i hit the big 18 and as most young people i was hit with reality that its not that easy to start your own life ... so with failures after failures i stood up and with 20 i had my life sorted out for the most part...

With my life being in all the right places i brought back my old love to daylight which was boarding so i started out snowboarding , skateboarding and sometimes wakeboarding like i used to do when i was a bit younger without that I am also a amateur Poem Writer: and here:

Plus to top it of i am a Anime and Manga freak , addict and etc used to own a blog back in the day: But started having less time and had to stop it.

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