kosha dillz

korea town

Hello. My name is Rami Even-Esh. MY stage name is Kosha Dillz. I tour the world for fun and also get paid for it in my spare time which is all the time. They say I'm an ambassador for Jewish people by being a street credible rapper. I've toured with Snoop Dogg to Rza of WuTang and Matisyahu as well. I have been on the Yo Gabba Gabb! live tour, and think that was my greatest point of life. A few years before getting videos on MTV and all this rappity rap rap life, I was getting felonies and doing lots of drugs and very lonely. Before that I was a division I wrestler and enjoyed losing 7 pounds in one hour work out (ask me and I'll teach you!).

In my spare time, I inspire people to take life by the cojones and kick butt in whatever they do. Other than that, I sleep on floors of random people I meet on the road, sell cds and kosha tee shirts to people who are not Jewish, and play shows in front of anywhere from ten people to ten thousand people. I'm also looking for a jewish wife to make babies.

I love being in the hood and meeting Gangsta Disciples and explaining to them that I'm not in a gang.

  • Work
    • i rap fool, i write fool, i am smart
  • Education
    • rutgers college and various county correctional facilities