Dorothy Kovacs

Editor, Filmmaker, and Small Business Owner in Calgary, Canada

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Hello! My name is Dorothy Kovacs, I'm 43 years old, and I am employed as a editor on . The notion of BestReviewsTips was going to create a technology which may collect all this data and examine it, doing all the hard work for you so that you could readily monitor the mood of the audience. Our team looks through major online shops and retailers in real time, always keeping current with the most recent products and costs. Our duty is to make shopping easy and pleasurable, and help save time and money. We are delighted to see the rise of the BestReviewsTips community and we're working hard on constant improvement to satisfy our assignment.

consider the outcome of monetizing the things that make you happy. While I want to alleviate the stress of everyday routine, I really do stitching and knitting. Your favorite activity can be abandoned with no inspiration and become a disgusting mechanical procedure, when deadlines will be burning and ideas about rest will be taken to the root cause in a desire to earn some money in case this influx of work will not be, say another month.

But should you choose not to turn your favorite hobby into a job rather than to become a professional, you certainly have the freedom to completely enjoy the process of production, whatever the amount and quality of the result (which, by the way, does not keep you from receiving sometimes a financial reward for your work if a person is considering it).

Of course, all this sounds odd when it comes from a person who's a successful author - someone who's found a way to turn his passion into a profession. However, for others there is still a chance to succeed in a profession that brings satisfaction and a sense of professionalism and demand, and to do that which we like to perform in our spare time, no matter what bonuses that this hobby can deliver, if it had been a full-time job, and we should not doubt this only because the blessed notion of full commitment to the cause of life is simply a fat"duck" fed by social networking sites.

My task is to keep an eye on updates in the sections of clothes, handbags and accessories.