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Structure and construction

First, it makes sense to think about what exactly you want to write. Mindmaps are a good way to do that. There are quite a few books on this topic, here I have written a small law essay writing service about how to create and use them. There is also the Mindmap, which I used to write the essay on Mind Maps.Once you have found a topic, you can create a new mind map, especially for this purpose.Once the first rough overview has been obtained, you can put the individual parts in a meaningful order or make an outline. To do this, I first mark which parts belong to the introduction, to the main part or to the end.

Introduction: (short) Here the persons are made known and the following questions can be answered among other things:

Who is it?

Where are we?

At what time does the story take place?Maybe even the first hints are made on emerging problems, or on any secrets to build up suspense.

If this is a substantive article, the following questions should be clarified:

What am I writing about?

Why am I writing about it?

Which parts do I knowingly leave out?

What do I want to focus on in particular?

Most essays cover between one and twenty pages, the introduction should be proportional to about 5% of the total volume. In a one-sided essay one, perhaps two sentences, at twenty pages at most the first.