Kris Gontarek



Looking for new opportunities and make business or work with open-minded, visionary, creative, hardworking and honest people.

Hothead of innovative ideas, natural education, startups, entrepreneurship and fitness.

Business exp:

14 years experience in online journalism, developing internet-based projects, internet sale, online advertisement and managing remote teams.

Co-founder and editor in chief of Dziennik lnternautow, since 2000.

co-founder of WebTango, interactive agency.

co-founder of GameTeller (my son's startup), a games recommendation tool.

co-founder of Kids On Bits, the educational volontary workshops for children on pitching, the implementation of ideas and coding.

The main contributor to Poland StartupChart.

Currency broker.

Founder of Go-Net.


Serial dreamer that loves to make he's dreams come true and an idealist. Admire people dedicating their lifes to their passions and making the world a better place.

Many years ago a lead guitarist and lyrics writer in thrash metal band Borea. Still have the defiant metal heart.

Aggressive inline skating, snowboard, martial arts and thriathlon are the sport I love to dive in.

  • Work
    • Dziennik Internautów
  • Education
    • Business Management
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Journalism and Mass Communication