Krishna Del Toso

freelancer consultant in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia

Krishna Del Toso

freelancer consultant in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia


graduated in philosophy, phd in indian philosophy. from time to time I publish stuff. check out my publications here.


- for a while I've worked in sales.

- I've been co-founder of "trust up": 3-year project focused on matching via on-line live video the entrepreneurs' needs with consultants' advices.

- I've been co-ideator of the weblab "prima di tutto l'idea" ("idea, first of all"): we help on-line in live video small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs/professionals realize their business ideas (strategic evaluation/assessment/realization of ideas & biz relaunch).

- I've been co-ideator of the lab "inventarsi un lavoro, oggi" ("invent your own job, today"): hybrid on-line/off-line lab for would-be entrepreneurs focused on generation/assessment/validation/realization of business ideas and development of the right entrepreneurial attitude.

- I've been member of the steering committee of the ''salotto musicale del friuli venezia giulia'': hauskonzerte of unusual music for piano solo (with an artwork, delicious tea and bisquits).

LIFE NO. 3 (current)

I'm a freelancer consultant and trainer for wannabe entrepreneurs, small businesses and enterprises; sometimes I work also with schools and in social projects; I put philosophy in (almost) everything I do.


I'm working on it, your suggestions are much appreciated! ;-)

tell me about yourself in italiano, français, english.

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    • university degree in philosophy
    • phd in indian philosophy