Kristel Alexandra Salesse, B.A., PMP

Montreal, Qc, Canada

With eight years of combined project management and marketing communications experience, I have the skills required to ensure sound management of projects with multidisciplinary teams. Fascinated by marketing communication strategy, I am continuously adapting and learning with this evolving media world, where every company is affected by the speed of information. From my experience in project management, I ensure the effective execution of various projects, taking into account potential challenges, analyzing risks, bringing imaginative solutions, and bridging gaps between technical and creative teams.

Significant Strengths

Fluent in English, French and Spanish;

Extensive experience in the development and editing of marketing and corporate communications;

Excellent conceptual skills for developing visual designs in collaboration with graphic and artistic teams;

Analytical and conceptual problem-solver, with the capacity to develop strategic vision;

Demonstrated leadership skills and understands the importance of client relations;

Proactive problem solver and able to meet specific objectives;

Prioritizes processes and logistical needs with a track record of optimizing resources for both large- and smaller-scale projects while never neglecting time, cost and scope;

Meticulous in the sequencing of project activities to meet project milestones.

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  • Education
    • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
    • McGill University
    • Hec Montreal