Kristen Bradley "The Chic Maven"

Fashion in Miami, Florida, USA

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Kristen Bradley seamlessly blends her financial expertise with a keen eye for elegance, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the luxury event planning industry. Her role as the visionary behind high-profile weddings, corporate events, and private parties showcases her unique touch. At the same time, her YouTube channel, The Chic Maven, explores the nuances of luxury fashion and styling. Her life philosophy revolves around valuing time as the most significant asset, a principle she passionately shares with her audience and clients.

Currently, she leads a multifaceted career. She launched her social media presence and YouTube channel in 2021, creating a platform to share her insights into high-end fashion. Additionally, she is the proprietor of Panache Style, a Miami-based firm specializing in floral and event design. Her company serves a broad clientele across the U.S. and internationally, offering luxurious experiences that cover everything from complete floral design to elaborate event decor and specialized seasonal installations.

Her journey into fashion and event planning began in the retail sector during high school, laying the foundation for her later achievements. Starting at Forever 21, she quickly ascended to more prestigious positions at Neiman Marcus, where she was introduced to luxury brands such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Yves Saint Laurent. Her affection for Saint Laurent greatly influenced her career direction, eventually steering her towards full-time event planning and design.

Her YouTube channel, The Chic Maven, allows Bradley to articulate her fashion expertise and personal style. Her background in pageantry helped hone her presentation skills, which she utilizes to engage with her audience effectively. On the channel, she provides advice on fashion pairings, investing in high-end pieces, and personal grooming, all aimed at enhancing one’s style. She strongly emphasizes the importance of fit and tailoring, which she considers crucial for anyone looking to embody sophistication in their attire.

  • Education
    • Graduated from the University of Houston