Kristian Weigman

Writer, Project Manager, and Musician in Oakland, Maryland

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Hello. My name is Kristian and I am very pleased that you are here!

I am a lover of many things, a hopeless romantic, an old soul, and a free spirit.

My favorite things include writing, reading, playing and listening to music, watching classic films, bonfires, stargazing, cooking, and spending time with the people I love.

I lost my mother back in 2015 and her loss took a big toll on my life. I became a completely different person, but I am working on finding that inner child I know is within me and setting her free.

I have lots going on and lots of interests to share. If you follow my blog you can look forward to some fiction, photography, recipes, and the very depths of my soul.

My blog is about sharing life's joys, heartaches, and passions with you, my dear readers,so please join me as I continue to learn all of life's lessons, around the dinner table!