Kristiina Viires

Yoga teacher, HR Manager, and Events Organizer in Eesti

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I my name is Kristiina. I am a yoga teacher, tantrika, workshop organizer, HR Manager, passionate about living life to the fullest. ♡

I am a certified (500 hr) Hatha yoga teacher since 2011, got my Yellow Sash (600 hr) in 2018, teaching weekly yoga classes since 2011.

You can join my class every WEDNESDAY 18.30 -20.30 in Tao Keskus, in Tallinn, Estonia, where I teach Hatha yoga and once in a while a special Tantra yoga class to awaken sexual energy or a Partner yoga class to have even more fun. Welcome:)!


Going far beyond the mere instruction on physical postures -asanas-, the class will guide you through: the activation of energy centers (chakras) within your body, the incorporation of breathing techniques (pranayama), the practice of meditation and an immersion into the complete Yogic philosophy.

The benefits of the practice and knowledge given in the class will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, strengthen your physical body, improve your physical and emotional health, gain more energy and vitality, enhance mental clarity and focus, increase your willpower and self-confidence, develop a new awareness of your patterns and habits and create new healthy ones, learn the ability to perceive and direct energy, find inspiration and methods to achieve your goals and transform your life, find emotional balance and inner harmony.


Join me for a Tantra yoga and Partner yoga class on the Baltic Tantra Festival 28-31th May in Latvia and use this link to buy your ticket:)

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Workshop organising for 2020

24-26 April "4 Pillars of Bliss" sensual weekend exploration for advanced practitioners in Tallinn, Estonia. Teacher: Sanna Sanita

22-23 August - Zen Thai Bodywork module I.

30-31 August - Zen Thai Bodywork Module II. Tallinn, Estonia. Teacher: Russell Swope

Stay tuned, there will be more...



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    • Agama Yoga, Tallinn Creative Hub
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    • Agama Yoga, Holistic Theraphy Institute