Kristiina Viires

Yoga teacher, HR Manager, and Events Organizer in Eesti

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Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher of Agama Yoga (IYF& RYS - 500 h certified) since 2011.

Currently teaching private and corporate yoga classes in Tallinn, Estonia.


You will learn about the theory and teachings of the Agama Yoga certificate program. Each yoga class gives you the insight into the fundamentals of Tantra yoga. This style of yoga is exceptional, being a direct descendent of the original authentic Tantric Yoga forms of India and Tibet.

These yoga classes will give you the solid foundation in Hatha yoga, explanations about how yoga works. Yoga classes by Agama program go deeper in the practice and theory of Yoga by working with energies, centres of force (chakras), concentration of the mind, and the subtle bodies. It clarifies the metaphysical fundamentals and aligns one with the holistic philosophy of the yogis.


Tantric Hatha Yoga Level 1 (new classes starting in September). 18.30-20.30 in Perekasvatuse Instituut, Weizenbergi 6-2 Tallinn, Estonia.


Tantric Hatha Yoga (advanced class) 18.30-20.30 in Perekasvatuse Instituut, Weizenbergi 6-2, Tallinn, Estonia.

Contribution: 10 EUR per class, 32 EUR (4x)


Last Wednesday of the month we do a special tantra yoga class with the focus on awakening and subliming of the sexual energy.


Private hatha yoga classes are tailor made for the needs of the client. Duration of the class is 2 hours. Classes are in english or estonian (1 or 2 students). Contribution: 60 EUR per student.


19-21 August - LOVECORE SUMMER RETREAT with De'an Matuka

15-16 October - Conscious Sensuality Flow with Robert Silber

4 November - Cacao Ceremony with Malaika MaVeena Darville

5-6 November - Shamanic Tantric Goddess workshop for women with Malaika MaVeena Darville

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RAW CHOCOLATE WORKSHOPS for private/corporate clients.

Contact me: or +372 5210480

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