Kristi Jo Jedlicki

Louisville, Kentucky

I reside in Kentucky, where basketball, horses, and bourbon reign supreme, and not necessarily in that order. I am a perfectly flawed southern girl who dreams big and has stories to tell. I am simply myself, and I am many things to many people, including, but not limited to:

•a better ex-wife than wife
•a mom to two extraordinary daughters
•a southerner raised by Yankee parents
•the youngest of three daughters, who puts the fun in dysfunctional
•a loyal friend to a diverse cast of characters
•a social worker
•a writer and blogger
•an avid lover of music of all sorts
•a big dreamer, despite living through some nightmares
•a pessimistic optimist or an optimistic pessimist

I also am the writer and keeper of this blog, which I hope entertains, educates, and/or encourages at least one person along the way, as I strive to change myself and the world one day at a time.

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    • MSSW