Kristina Buenafe

In Arlington, Virginia born and raised ... but in Boston, I now spend most of my days / Teaching math, running, relaxing all cool / And doing some blogging outside of school

I teach at Josiah Quincy Upper School (the first International Baccalaureate School in Boston Public Schools). I lead the 11th & 12th grade team, teach IB Math Studies and Advisory, co-coordinate the IB Diploma Programme, co-coordinate Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS), oversee after-school programs, coach debate, and coach Running Club.

I tinker with recipes just as much as I tinker with lesson plans. I love finding math in the real world. I enjoy incorporating new educational technology, debate, and project-based learning into my classroom. I love learning from and contributing to the vibrant community of education bloggers.

My favorite holiday is March 14.