Kristin M. Snell

Video Producer/ Editor in San Francisco, California

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I believe in producing work that provokes thought, reaction and compelling ideas. As a producer, cinematographer, editor and motion graphic artist, I want to organize shots in a sequential form for a logical, detailed and smooth story. Keeping attention to detail is key for great plot development. I began freelancing in video production, maneuvering in a fast paced environment. While I enjoy working in production onset, I also thrive for photographic aesthetics and editing. I fell in love with the creative process of capturing and editing images to create a story and I have worked in Post Production for the past few years. This has recently brought me out of the cave and into producing roles as well. I'm naturally curious about people and how things come together.

I love a challenge and reinventing different ways to tell a story, even defying convention. I play well with others and do enjoy collaborating and using creativity to create results. My goal is to continue to learn, create and seize opportunities!