Kristy Cartier

Writer, Editor, and B2B Marketer in Washington, DC

Kristy Cartier

Writer, Editor, and B2B Marketer in Washington, DC

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I’m Kristy Cartier, a B2B and content marketer. For me, it's about finding ways to make things thrive either from tender nurturing or bold moves.

I started my career in a new field of selling grocery store scanner data. It required educating our end users back about the benefits of having this purchase information. This idea is humorous given how the economy runs on data now.

I learned new skills at each stop, such as market research with a utility company. People have strong opinions about food and automated phone lines. Our efforts paid off, however, with well-received solutions.

I dabbled professionally in the horse industry for almost a year. Buy me a cup of tea and I might tell you that story (it includes four hurricanes). It's been a full circle back to marketing technology solutions.

Because of this journey, I discovered that my passion is crafting stories and plans that inspire interest, confidence, and loyalty. I found my writing voice that was lost in my childhood; and, enjoy editing as well. And my logical side loves a good problem to solve and then analyze the results.

It's not all about work. I was on the board of Friends for Frying Pan Farm Park and DC Hokies. I also give my time to volunteering at horse shows up to the Olympic level.

A good book paired with a warm cup of tea makes for a pleasant afternoon. What's your favorite thing?

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~Kristy Cartier

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    • Virginia Tech
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