Krunoslav Vidic

problem solver in Samobor, Croatia

My name is Krunoslav Vidić. I was born in 1973 in Slavonski Brod. After high school, life brought me to Zagreb where I’ve finished my studies and started my journalism career. After almost 12 years as a journalist, I’ve decided to change sides and get involved. From objective observer and reporter, I became communication adviser and strategy consultant. With formal education in social sciences, theology, and natural sciences, mathematics, and experience with electronic media, radio and television, I was adviser, consultant and manager in campaigns on municipal, parliamentary and presidential elections in Croatia. To my clients I bring my big knowledge and experience, first of all as a professional and an experienced connoisseur of the media stage I have exceptional knowledge of the media industry and the segment of public relations in the whole region of the Western Balkans. One of my specialties is that I can grasp a broad social and political picture and transform it in bite size chunks that can be used as starting points for defining campaign objectives which may, for many reasons, be blurred or creating public policies and political stand points. My English is fluent, much better than my French. Before PR times, I did some book translations and business consulting. I was working as a spokesman in the Ministry of Labor and Pension System. Now, I’m the owner of the firm Stratego PR consulting ltd.