Krystal Bland

My name is Krystal Bland and I am a mom, from a small town outside of Austin, TX, a fitness instructor, fitness addict, TURBO addict, I am becoming a runner (about to run my first 5k in April), LOVE music music music, I'm a business owner, I would rather be outside playing with my daughters than inside cleaning house lol and I am always up for good challenge (yes I am competitive)! Although, I LOVE health and fitness now, I have not always been this way about my lifestyle...I use to be 180 pounds, unhealthy, unmotivated, no goals, a hermit and depressed - walking into a department store and into a dressing room to try on clothes was like the "walk of doom". Fortunately, I found a workout that I have become completely addicted to and it has transformed my body! I have never been in this good of shape, as I have lost 50 pounds and over 30 inches. This new lifestyle introduced me to a business opportunity I never thought possible. Most people think when you start and own your own business you must put in those endless hours, invest in thousands, rent, inventory, employees, etc...Not my business! I have myself, my laptop, 10 hours a week and a start up cost of $40! I turned my hobby into a career - a successful career! All I wanted to do was talk about fitness and health and how I have turned my life around completely. I have had my own fitness business for a year and I have never felt more proud of myself than ever before...I am so glad I found this business! Becoming a fitness mentor has allowed me the freedom to never miss a moment with my kids and family, the freedom to travel, the freedom to make my own hours and "take off" when I need to do so. Along the way I have gained a sense a self confidence, I have goals, I am organized, I am not stressing everyday how I am going to pay bills, I am living life to the fullest everyday!!!! I built this business working fulltime for another employer, a busy mom and fitness instructor. I have been given the freedom to fire my boss and now just work for myself - something I never thought possible. My passion now is to pay it forward - allow others to share this same opportunity. Some people dont even know their own ability until they just dive in and GO FOR IT. I did and I will never look back. Wanna know more? Lets talk - I would love to pay it forward to you whether you need help with your own fitness or want to know about to business. :)