katherine kelly

Hi there, nice to meet you. Unless we've already met. In that case, you might know me as katie van domelen. Things to know about me:

  • Graduated from: ASU, W.P Carey School of Business
  • With a degree in: Marketing and English Lit
  • Worked at: not one, but two great AZ agencies as a Social Media Manager
  • Moved to: San Francisco to join the ExactTarget team
  • Currently: Product Marketing Manager for DataSift

I love to make lists (see above) and organize everything just so. I'm slightly sarcastic and am a champion inside joke referencer. I'm still getting the hang of analog clocks and prefer N-S-W-E to left and right. I'm an arts junkie - design, dance, music, photography - but not an artist. yet. I say I'm an amateur foodie but it's mainly an excuse. I consider every event an experience to enjoy. And apparently I use alliteration a lot.

Outside of work you'll find me exploring San Francisco, reading, drinking wine, watching house hunters, traveling, and - of course - spending time with my friends. And if you connect with me on any of the networks below you should expect an eclectic mix of all of the above.

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