Kunal Kumar

New Delhi

I am a REBEL as per the "Indian Middle Class". I left my job at an International Telecom company to lose myself into ideas only I think are great, but they actually are (If you are reading this, i think u would agree too) .

I enjoy thinking more than anything and consider simplicity is the most complex design. Currently most of brain is being used in building SomethingCool where together with my team, we work on fresh ideas and transform them into usable and problem solving products.

I consider travelling as rejuvenating and prefer hills over sands always. Though I love beaches but I feel too distracted or lost on the way beaches in India are. On the other hand, hills make you think and find stuff you want to and need to know within yourself. (Quite contradictory as per my backgroud image, isn't it)

I admire art the most - Everything appealing to heart, is what i consider art. Its various forms that i love are:

Music(EDM & Jazz) - You are my hero if u can play a sax

Food - Street food is my thing. A hardcore foodie from kachori to Sushi, I love it all. Butter Chicken with naan is my weakness.

Design - Since childhood the best design i considered was that of a watch machinery. The way all the parts move. Just bang on my brains.

Career Graph : Started early into technology and worked with IT Giants like DELL & Orange. Followed the BCA MCA track with aggressive interest into internet technologies and information security, completed MS in Cyber Law & Security. Achieved some global certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking & Forensics Investigator, Cloud Computing Specialist, Cisco Certified Network Associate, VMWARE Certified Professional among other credentials.

So much more to talk. Connect to me directly.

Check out http://somethingcool.in