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Kuniko Oyakawa

Birth place - Yokohama, Japan
Present residence -Brussels, Belgium
Birth day - 25 October
Occupation -

My Interests :

Zeitgeist Movement

Environmental conservation & protection

Human rights - minority rights

Animal welfare - animal rights

Photography (street photogrphy, LX3)

Modern Art & Street Art - JR, Banksy, BLU, Roa, Cattelan, Moore....

Sociology in general,

Politics in general

Cultural Anthropology

History of mankind, Archeology, Mesopotamian Civilization, Greco-Roman Civilization, European Civilization, Mesoamerican Civilization

Travelling around the world

Watching the evolution of Information Technology

Opera & Classical Music

Theatre, dance, film & all the performing arts

Architecture, Old buildings

Rock & other music - Damien Saez, Ken'ichi Asai & BJC, CSNY, Jackson Brown.....

Watching & worried about Okinawa & Japan