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Greenville South Carolina

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“Hip hop is growing, but it’s growing in the wrong direction if you ask me,” said KT Killin’ Them, a.k.a. Kurtis Burke. “Rappers are making millions and getting so famous off just talking about selling drugs or whatever the case may be; gang-banging or killing someone, and it’s stuff they don’t even do, it’s all about the image.”

For KT, too, it’s all about the image--but it’s a much different picture.

With dreams of making international music, KT’s style targets audiences indiscriminately. His most unique trait as an artist is his “no cussing” ploy, aimed at attracting ears of all ages.

“I want everyone to listen to my music,” KT said.

After releasing his Hallucination of Reality mixtape in January and his iTunes single, “First Crush” around Valentine’s Day this year, KT got right back to work on his next hit.

His brand new track, “She Got Me,” with German producer, Chae, is already getting promotion in Canada, and should surely be hitting the radios in Germany and the U.S. in no time.

Meanwhile, Hallucination of Reality proves he doesn’t have to swear to spit fire. Tracks like “Roses Are Red,” and the hit, “International Dreams” produced by popular European producer, Legalise, are a display of his killer word-play and diversity as an artist.

“I never write the first thing that comes to my mind,” KT said. “I’ll write a whole song and throw it away.”

KT possesses rare traits as an artist--maturity and a conscious awareness of his impact as a man and a role model. Unhappy with hip hop that displays an insensitivity to women and younger fans, KT busts down barriers of the genre by telling the clean, truth."I turn rappers down,” KT said. “I’m not lying when I tell you that. I maintain a certain image and I know my worth.”

“I’ve turned down Kid Ink just because, I like Kid Ink, no disrespect, but I don’t respect his music--he’s just a cliche,” KT said. ”If I’m going to open up for someone I have to respect them. If I was in his shoes I would want him to respect me.”

With chances to open for artists like Kid Ink, Yo Gotti and Curren$y, KT rejected the offers without a flinch,

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