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I’m a lifelong learner and teacher who started his career 16 years ago. Nowadays I teach from age 2 to 65+ in a primary and secondary school in Belgium. After school hours I worked with teachers on curriculum development leading to the foundation of ICT Atelier in 2009. Always with one mission: hands-on, inspiring workshops on the integration of technology in education. The current team I lead contains 25 superstars who spread this vision all over Europe.


These last few years my focus has shifted to designing learning experiences in collaboration with schools (professional development, courses, books), museums (field trips), the Ministry of Education (books) and educational companies (Interactieve books).

This resulted in the redesign of a mobile learning tour to promote the benefits of technology in education. Formerly called digiklik, the newly titled Learning Festival is a success in Belgium with the addition of bootcamps for teachers in the weekends.

The hard work from this tour led to working closely with Apple on their Leadership Tour (region EMEIA) to redesign and layout the blueprint for the tour. Afterwards I was appointed as a content coach, to put this into practice and guide the workshop leaders through the steps.


Being on the verge of innovation in education has led to various interesting stories to tell. The primary teacher - storyteller in me rises. So when an opportunity presents itself to participate in a conference and tell the magnificent stories of our students and teachers and the beautiful work they deliver I kind accept it with both hands. The magnificent side of this, is that I can always return with a backpack full of stories to tell from around the world and setup collaborations between learners.


The continuous close work in the educational field with both students and teachers has led to invitations on Advisory Boards including Apple Distinguished Educators Board for the region of EMEIA, Book Widgets Advisor and Book Creator Advisor.

Listening closely to my peers (students and teachers) in schools helps in reviewing both hardware and software being thrown at us. I also review technology tools for their educational value and benefits. Delivering the developers a genuine feedback from the workplace.

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