Karen Wapinski

I'm a student at Niagara College for Business Sales and Marketing, I'd love to speacilize in the fashion industry and do an internship in Paris or Quebec, I'm working on improving my French and having 3 fluent languages. I've worked a lot of part-time summer and holiday jobs at places such as Marineland, Giant Tiger, or Chapters. Recently, I started at Michael Hill Jewellers and I'm really loving the chance to really practice sales 'real-world' while surrounded by beautiful jewellery ^_^ I love to experiment and try new things; especially in the kitchen. Food fascinates me, the smells, history, flavours, and cultures behind a dish or dessert are so interesting to me. I eat a mostly vegan diet, with a few noted exceptions (baby steps...) but I will cook anything to see if I can do it, and I'll try anything once. (Even fried worms, although I can't say I enjoyed the experience much) I love history, myth, fairy tales, and cultures. I think Francesca Lia Block is one of the most eloquent voices I've ever read, and I love discovering new things. Reading and writing are my oldest remembered joys. I spend way way way too much time haunting author blogs and looking for new favourites. I'm a trekkie. Throwing that out now. Hard-core I've seen every show, have favourites, and reference it in normal conversations. I adore colous: pinks, greens, blues, red, violets..I love distinction and beauty, for the same reason I love art, and fashion, interior design, and cooking: I love the diverseness of it. I'm an aspiring writer; I'd love to find a good critique group or partner, and I'd be more than happy to do the same for someone else. I used to write a lot on fanfiction.net under an assumed name and got a taste for it. Critiquing a new work and being critiqued on your sweat and blood is some of the most fun a girl can have. I haven't travelled nearly as much as I've liked: I've been to Mexico (beautiful and alive), Quebec (which stole the other piece of my heart) and Poland (but sadly when I was too young to remember) I want to see every last inch of this planet, from the Artic to the Equator, I want to learn about as many cultures as I can and try as many flavours as I can find. There's more to me but I think I'll end this here. I'm happy to meet you.