Kwasi Asare

Kente Cloth Weaver & Educator in Washington, DC

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I am a master weaver of Kente cloth, as well as a mathematician and teacher. For the United Nations 50th Anniversary in 1995, I was commissioned to create a special Kente tapestry which I titled "Adwene Asa," meaning "Consensus has been reached." It is on display at the UN General Assembly in New York City and to inspire harmony and unity in world diplomacy. I do large scale demonstrations and exhibitions as well as experiential workshops with special looms that I designed to make Kente cloth weaving accessible to everyone. In my workshops I integrate mathematics education along with Kente weaving into a unique hands-on blend of right-brain art and left-brain science. I teach all levels of mathematics, from basic algebra to the most sophisticated aspects of calculus and theoretical abstractions.