Okwukwe Ifediora

Writer, Public Speaker, and Psychologist in Nigeria

Okwukwe Ifediora

Writer, Public Speaker, and Psychologist in Nigeria

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Hi. I'm Kwiksie.

I love learning, am in my twenties and enjoy meeting people who make value adding conversation. I'm also Nigerian; Ibo by tribe (precisely from Anambra) with the native name - Okwukwechukwu, which means 'Faith in God'. 'Kwiksie' is simply a pet derivative which happens to have stuck...plus, it tends to be easier on the tongue for those who are foreign to the name. Now as far as I'm concerned, I have only one legitimate namesake - an Arabian horse from Poland (follow her races folks...she wins).

I spend a lot of my time writing; whether it be music, poetry or prose. I also have a flair for photography, cloud watching, modelling & mimicry. I like to get involved in public speaking, perform spoken word poetry and participate in event planning from time to time.

I hold a bachelor of science degree in Psychology with every intention to master in Counseling psychology, and I'm pretty optimistic that it'll ultimately prove to be a plus on my journey towards becoming a full fledged counsellor.(Rehabilitation/Family/Suicidal - I've not quite settled on one yet). :)

I am highly extroverted and generally like being happy and ensuring that the mood is contagious. I also derive joy from engaging in humanitarian activities and being of help to individuals, at any level and in whatever state of need both in my immediate and more distant world/environment.

Things I really enjoy include dancing in the rain, eating spicy Nigerian food, making people laugh, reading, writing (apparently), acting (let's talk if you have a gig), modeling, counseling and evangelizing. I happen to particularly love; Christ Jesus (with every cell in my body), my family (they're actually epic), nature (the sky most especially), music (good & not-so-good), children (ALL), CHOCOLATE, guitars and rainfall. :D

In summary; saved is what i am, and love is what i do.

Let's talk if you'd like to. 👍

Nice to meet you too.

  • Work
    • Music ministry - T.I.A.M
  • Education
    • Graduate of Psychology
    • Covenant University