Kya Mooz


Thanks for checking my about me page.

A little about myself...

My name is Kya, a certified personal trainer and fitness expert. I have been part of the fitness industry for over a decade. I teach all kinds of fitness programs as well as lead personal trainer courses in Spain and the UK.

I work on contractual basis with gyms in all over Europe too. I also provide basic guidance on diet tips and can help you adjust your diet to achieve various fitness goals.

I am originally from the UK but have lived and worked in Spain for years. The world of fitness fascinates me. I propagate overall good health by helping people eat balanced meals and exercising correctly.

I am a trained boot camp instructor too. I can be hired as a personal trainer to teach boot camp exercises in the comfort of your own home.

I am a trainer with years of experience and expertise. My past employers will gladly vouch for me.

Fitness for me is something that helps you in all areas of life. If you focus on fitness and eat right and exercise correctly, you will face benefits. These benefits can range from losing weight, maintaining the ideal height-weight ratio, helping your metabolic rate, keeping your stamina levels up, keeping your hormone levels in check, giving your skin an enhanced glow and so on.

I have travelled the world and taught clients at various places. I have partnered with some of the best international gyms in London and across America. I have also worked as the key fitness instructor for some known international events and beauty pageants. During these events, I would train the participants and help them burn calories and tone their bodies before the final event.

As your personal trainer, I can inspire you to exercise right and exercise well. Regular exercise is the key to overall health. I will keep posting updates about new exercise programs and techniques here.

As a personal trainer, I thrive on helping clients achieve their fitness goals. You should be fit to avoid common health problems that come due to old age and lack of exercise.

If you would like to become a personal trainer and live your passion, check out my website, we provide personal trainer courses in the