Kylan Schilling

Kylan Schilling is a Canadian businessman who was born in Vancouver and now resides in Oshawa, Ontario. Kylan is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded several businesses, including a computer repair business and online retail business.

As a child, Kylan moved to Windsor, Canada, where he grew up until he was twenty-three. Kylan was severely injured as a child when he was involved in a serious automobile accident. As a result of the accident, Kylan spent six months in the hospital and was forced to learn how to walk again. Throughout his teenage years, Kylan would face repeated surgeries to correct his foot that was injured in the accident. Kylan would also face recurring back pain throughout his adulthood.

As a result of his recurring back problems, over the years Kylan Schilling has grown increasingly interested in core and strength-building exercises. Kylan completes rigorous stretching and strength exercises on a daily basis and has published or contributed to a number of articles recommended exercise routines that can improve strength and relieve reoccurring back pain.

Prior to entering the online retail business, Kylan spent eight years working in the internet support field. Kylan’s experience in the industry not only increased his knowledge in the tech industry, it also strengthened his entrepreneurial interests and his passion to begin his own computer repair business.

In addition to his business and entrepreneurial experience, Kylan Schilling is also an avid outdoorsman and passionate about his city of Oshawa. Darlington Park ranks as one of Kylan’s favorite places in the Durham region to go camping and hiking. Kylan is also a passionate supporter and lover of McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve in Oshawa and particularly loves watching the Reserve’s Black Capped Chickadees, Blue Jays and Nuthatches.

Kylan is very passionate about Oshawa’s famed Peony Festival and looks forward to attending the festival with his family each and every year.