Kyle Dennis

Trader and Founder Of Biotech Breakouts in Nashville, TN

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Kyle Dennis is a professional stock trader, researcher, and founder of Biotech Breakouts. He received his bachelor's degree bio biology from the University of California Los Angeles. He originally got into stock trading after hearing about the success that some people his age were having in stock trading.

As a result, Kyle Dennis decided to invest $1,000 of his money into a trading account. The story isn’t one of instant success, though, as the first stock he invested in - Neurogesx (NGSX) - lost most of its value. But success doesn’t come to those who lack perseverance, so it was back to the drawing board for him. With lessons learned and a desire to better educate himself on “trading patterns,” Kyle was tipped off to Jason Bond by a fellow trader. It was in Jason’s program that Kyle learned the importance of a long-term mindset, truly understanding stock market patterns, and treating trading as an important, full-time career.

Soon after this newfound sense of dedication, Kyle Dennis resigned from his job as a Real Estate Analyst and became a full-time stock trader. He also became the first member of Jason’s program to reach $1 million is trading profit. Now, Kyle Dennis wants to help educate people on trading. Like many young people, he came from a place of crushing student debt and confusion as to what he wanted to make of his life. But after he came into contact with the freedom that day trading can provide, he knew that he wanted to give it all he had.

With over $3 million in accumulated earnings trading, Kyle Dennis is a shining example that those dreams are attainable, the status quo can be broken, and you don’t have to step foot on Wall Street to make it as a trading star. Some of his other programs include Sniper Report, Dollar Ace, Fast 5 Trades, and Trade With Kyle.

  • Education
    • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)