Labiba Laith

Consultant, Actor, and Writer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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A citizen of the world, who happens to be Iraqi, raised in Kuwait, UK educated, experienced life in Montreal, living it in Dubai, loving it the world all over! Who's inspired by the taste of words through my eyes, ears & tongue. Different, passionate & constrained. A Smörgåsbord.

Frequently a wizard of words, I'm inspired by all that is around me. Passionate about life and the universe. I am learning the language of silence, for it is there that we gain most of our knowledge.

Presently, the fields of communication/acting/arts & culture as well as leadership training and life coaching through horses is a path I'm paving.

Throughout life, the passions of Gastronomy, Arts and Culture have never left my side. Food and Culture are intertwined and reflect much about our lives, learning about them only enriches the experience. In implementation, I've developed/co-produced/presented a live TV show/competition of the same.

Though I believe I know, I believe even more that I will always learn, perhaps even till after death, where the ultimate learning experience will be bestowed upon us.