La Europa Academy

Salt Lake City, UT

As a therapeutic boarding school for young women in need of a unique, supportive learning environment, La Europa Academy strives to create a place for girls to express themselves while learning how to cope with their individual challenges. Girls dealing with problems such as substance abuse, self-harming behaviors, sexual reactivity, and body distortion are admitted to La Europa Academy. La Europa also provides a haven for young women suffering from eating, depression, biopolar, panic, anxiety, or attachment disorders.

La Europa Academy provides therapy for young women suffering from emotional traumas. The academy focuses on a blend of direct and indirect counseling methods, with particular emphasis on teaching students to address their problems using expressive arts. These expressive art therapies allow the girls to work through trauma and difficult issues without feeling intimidated or threatened.

La Europa Academy also functions as an educational facility with full-time teachers for all core subjects, part-time teachers for the academy's various electives, and separate departments for science, language arts, math, and social studies. Small, individualized classrooms, block scheduling, and certified teachers with experience working with students' emotional needs allows La Europa to create the best learning environment possible for girls struggling with emotional or behavioral stress.

In addition, as a school specializing in expressive arts, several fine arts therapies and courses are available at La Europa Academy. In addition to art therapy, girls at La Europa may participate in dance or yoga, drama, digital photography, filmmaking, ceramics, and 3-D design. La Europa holds an Arts Festival every two months that is coordinated by the recreational therapist, dance teacher, and students. The festivals are put on for the students' families, allowing the girls to showcase their unique talents.