Brenda Lainof

Pathogenic Healer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brenda Lainof

Pathogenic Healer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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I am part of Guild of Pathogen Whisperers, Sentelligent Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner living in Alberta, Canada.

My passion is remotely helping people "feel better" and receiving results on a physical, emotional and mental level.

One area that I love to work with, is detecting hidden pathogens, virus, heavy metals, miasms, bacteria, toxicity that can create issues in the body. Once I intuit what is creating unease in the body, I then energetically work to dissolve their frequency. And once dissolved, the issue many times no longer impacts the physical body.

Healing or relief is usually felt instantly or within hours of the session. I check in 48 hours after the clearing to see how you are doing.

What type of issues can I help you with?

· Bacteria

· Herpes

· Shingles

· Viruses

· Fungal

· Parasites

· Heavy metals

· Toxicity

You can select the appointment that works best for you.

If you’d like to ask any questions, how this works at a distance, feel free to contact Brenda: [email protected] or through any of the social links below.

Here are a few testimonials:

“Brenda cleared a pathogen called TINEA yesterday for me and there was lot of yawning going on with both us during the clearing..this pathogen can cause itchiness which I've had on both arms...and now is gone! Thank u so much Brenda!” Carmen Der Kinderen Canada

" As the session progressed and you were dowsing 'out' (is that right?) the pathogens I began to feel movement/moving and then it was as if the pathogen I was most concerned about - Shingles - just got up and left my body 🙂

I was a bit skeptical later on in the evening when the familiar tingles returned, but during the night had a massive sweat out and since you had prepared me, "drink lots of water" I knew this was connected" Julie-Anne Mullan United Kingdom

"Brenda is an amazing healer. She has so many different modalities that she can tap into. This really lets her get right to the root of the issue and clear it for good. I feel so much lighter and more centered, and she released tension that I had been trapping in my neck and shoulders for years! Even my massage therapist commented on the difference. I love that she gives you tools to test yourself along with her, so you know that the answers she is getting are true. I can not sing her praises enough, and recommend her to everyone!" - Sarah Mitchell Calgary, Alberta

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