Lamarr Wilson

Comedy and Entertaining in Los Angeles, California

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Lamarr Wilson is a humorous quiet storm of the entertainment industry whose comedic voice & personality is growing in popularity.

Lamarr is an Internet personality who makes comedy unboxings, hauls & pickups on YouTube & funny lifestyle content on Instagram. He especially loves unboxing though: "Opening a box for the first time is magical; you don't know exactly what's inside, and even if you do, there's this anticipation & glee as if it's Christmas morning. I get to experience Christmas every day, and that's the feeling I transmit to the viewer when I'm excited about a product."

His love of products took root at age 16 when he landed a job at Best Buy. "That was the greatest experience of my life. Imagine being there at the dawn of home technology becoming an affordable reality. Also, being a salesperson meant I had to break down the barriers people put up, so I did that with my entertaining personality." Later, he found himself successful in his own business as a trusted advisor in tech & media, also working as a Tech Consultant with 50+ schools in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles in 2012.

Lamarr was part of the first YouTube "Next Vlogger" group in 2012, beating out thousands of other entries. In 2013 he appeared in the first episode of "Takei's Take," a popular series by George Takei of Star Trek fame. This episode resulted in the pair winning a 2014 Webby Award in Online Film & Video [Technology] for their video on Google Glass.In 2015 Lamarr was invited by Nintendo to the weekly show "Nintendo Minute" to showcase his unofficial "world's fastest" unboxing skills of Amiibo figures.

Lamarr has also dipped his toe into the Foodie arena, filming a food & travel episode for Zagat where he visited 3 different restaurants in the downtown LA area to encourage gamers from the E3 convention to try out the local fare. “This was a dream of mine. I’m a big Travel Channel fan & I would love to be able to do more taste testing & recommending for a living!” He occasionally does taste tests on his YouTube channel, his Oreo videos being the most popular.

Lamarr has amassed a social media presence of over 2 million followers on various platforms. He’s gained over 185 million views across his various videos and continues to grow.