Lamarr Wilson

Host and Personality in Los Angeles, California

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Lamarr Wilson is a Digital Host & Personality. Currently, he creates fun Lifestyle videos on his self-titled Youtube channel, "Lamarr Wilson."

Lamarr has also served as a weekly guest video publisher for Chris Pirillo, hosted a daily tech news show for Revision3, hosted shows "Socially Awkward" & "YouTube Weekly" for Mashable, and co-hosted "This Week in Youtube" on the TWiT network. He's also guest co-hosted on "What's Trending."

In addition to hosting, in 2012 Lamarr was part of the first Youtube "Next Vlogger" group, beating out thousands of other entries. In 2013 he appeared in the first episode of "Takei's Take," a popular series by George Takei of Star Trek fame. This episode resulted in the pair being nominated for and winning a 2014 Webby Award in Online Film & Video [Technology] for their video on Google Glass. In 2015 Lamarr was invited by Nintendo to the weekly show "Nintendo Minute" to showcase his unofficial "world's fastest" unboxing skills of Amiibo figures.

Lamarr has a love of education and entertainment that has permeated his Youtube videos since 2008. He is able to sell products/services, and ultimately himself as a trusted name, using his personality and the honesty & integrity that accompanies it. He keeps it real, and the audience appreciates it.

Lamarr's future plans are to continue improving as a host and personality and offer his services to those companies who'd like someone fun, knowledgeable, & entertaining to represent their brand(s).