Lamarr Wilson

Host and Personality in Los Angeles, California

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Lamarr Wilson is a humorous quiet storm of the entertainment industry.

His love of education & entertaining began at a young age with being the lead in school plays, tutoring younger peers, and connecting with people using humor. As he got older, he found himself successful in customer service as an expert & trusted advisor in technology and media, even working as a Technology Consultant with schools in Chicago before relocating to Los Angeles in 2012.

Lamarr is currently a Lifestyle Enthusiast on YouTube, where he was part of the first Youtube "Next Vlogger" group, beating out thousands of other entries. In 2013 he appeared in the first episode of "Takei's Take," a popular series by George Takei of Star Trek fame. This episode resulted in the pair being nominated for and winning a 2014 Webby Award in Online Film & Video [Technology] for their video on Google Glass.

Besides his passion for discussing & showcasing technology, Lamarr has a love of gaming. “Games take you to a magical place where it’s ok to make mistakes, try again, and at the end, still have a ton of fun.” In 2015 Lamarr was invited by Nintendo to the weekly show "Nintendo Minute" to showcase his unofficial "world's fastest" unboxing skills of Amiibo figures.

Lamarr has also dipped his toe into the Foodie arena, filming a food & travel episode for Zagat where he visited 3 different restaurants in the downtown LA area to encourage gamers from the E3 convention to try out the local fare. “This was a dream of mine. I’m a big Travel Channel fan & I would love to be able to do more taste testing & recommending for a living!” Lamarr Wilson Does Downtown LA

Lamarr has amassed an impressive social media presence of over 2 million followers on platforms like Youtube, Google+, Twitter & Instagram. He’s gained nearly 100 million views across his various Lifestyle Entertainment videos, and is continuing to grow.

Concerning what his goal is with content, Lamarr states:

“I love the Lifestyle angle. I get excited & talk about tech, games, food, whatever. Anyone can show a product, unbox it, review it. But to take that product or service and show how it can be used in everyday life from my perspective, is infinitely more helpful to people. That’s the true essence of education, and that’s why I enjoy it so much. And I make sure I have fun & laugh along the way!”

Companies have noticed this, with Lamarr working with brands such as Microsoft, Disney, Nintendo, Google, Zagat, Or