gershwin exeter

Owner, Founder, and Vice President in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

gershwin exeter

Owner, Founder, and Vice President in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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love is (complicatedly) simple.

love is simple. love is complicated by human desire and egotistical behaviours. love is pre-birth. love is what parents have for their unborn child. love empowers mothers to endure 3 month trimesters 3 times, experience 3+ hours of labour…and do it again, and again.

love guides fathers to give beyond themselves and construct the foundation for kingdoms. love creates generational wealth - mental wealth; educational wealth; physical wealth; spiritual wealth; emotional wealth; financial wealth.

love for roti awakes you at 5 am to run so your love of vanity (and health) allows you to indulge in curry and buss-up-shot.

love’s depth is different. it’s deeper than the bequia channel. it’s wider than la soufrière’s crater. it’s hotter than black sand. It’s lusher than mespo’s valley. It’s as fun as playing ball on mayreau’s sands.

love pacifies individualism to allow singles to form couples, intersect their strengths, balance their weaknesses, and manifest families. love unites families to create empires. love transcends empires to dynasties and when love overpowers greed, love results in a level of awesomeness that god envisioned when he gave the world his only begotten son.

love bends kings’ knees before their queens. love has warriors show compassion to those who wronged them. love results in monarchs sheltering children with their robes.

love humbles humility and reminds us that what is to come supersedes what has happened. love focuses on joy and happiness.

love is simple.