Lance Anderson

Altadena, California

A writer, performer, podcaster and leather-smith, I've been other things too...but that's a tale for another time.

Jumping from film school at Humboldt State into the comedy crash of the late 80's, I finally landed in the early 90's by telling my stories on stage. Since there wasn't much of a spoken word scene here in Los Angeles, I took my inspiration from the late, great Spalding Gray. At one point I identified myself as a "performance artist" but that was it's own trap. During this period I mostly worked with live musicians in alternative venues, rock clubs and the HBO Workspace. For awhile I called my thing Coyote and later changed it to Intelligent Spanking.

In 2004 my buddy Dan Klass told me about this crazy new thing called podcasting. By March 2005 I started telling my stories to a worldwide audience via my Verge of the Fringe podcast. This lead to a series of great opportunities including founding the pioneering podcasting group the LA Podcasters, being the first speaker ever to demonstrate podcasting at Cambridge University and headlining the first podcast related live tour called the Lance Anderson Podcast Experiment. The podcast continues to evolve through experimentation. It's certainly not for all tastes.

I am currently working on a novel and book of short stories based on my podcast. Also an upcoming spoken word and music based radio show for PRX.

I make handmade leather goods with my better half Marisol at our @BohemianLeather workshop in Altadena.

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